Advanced Features of Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are great for displaying your photos in a slideshow format. In the last several years, some pretty advanced features have been added to some of these frames. Now you can buy a frame that will stream music and browse the internet in addition to storing and displaying your photos.

Let’s take a look at some of these new, advanced features. Many frames will come with a remote control so that you can access all of the functions without having to get up and hit buttons on the frame itself. Some people like the convenience of using the remote and also the fact that you have all of the buttons on a separate device. For other people, the small remote control is just another thing to worry about losing

Many digital frames will have the option to play music so that you can add music to your slideshows or listen to MP3s through the built-in speakers in your frame. If you’re interested in this feature, look for a frame with MP3 playback.

If you buy a photo frame with a Wi-Fi connection you can stream photos directly from your computer or send them to the frame using the internet. Check the wireless requirements to make sure your Wi-Fi network communicates at the right speed to work well with the digital frame.

Some high end frames that include a web browser will connect to the internet through your wireless network and can be set to receive photos automatically from photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Picasa. You may also be able to set up email addresses so that family and friends can send photos directly to your frame. For those who love to text, you can find a frame that receives text messages too.

TV Out is a nice feature to have since you can display your photos on a TV when you want to share them with a crowd. The frame may also include an HDMI socket that will allow you to view your photos on a HD TV in full high definition resolution. These options are great for people who have gatherings with family and friends and want to look at photos from vacations, etc.

So there are a great many options available on a digital photo frame today. If you are looking to buy one, decide which features you really want and then do some comparison-shopping. And remember to check the screen resolution if one of your goals is to just have a nice way to view your photos!