You Heart Me!

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You Heart Me!

We all ave things that excite us! You may be someone who love styles of shoes, or you may be drawn in by the history of authentic vintage jewelery and clothing! Maybe you have over 100 cufflinks… (Lots yes, but not an exaggeration!) What ever it is, go with it! Find a way to work with it and let it guide you in the design of your event. Show items to your venue designer and photographer so they can customize something that accentuates the individuality of a particular event space with your personality! That is after all the point of searching for the right space! Please take the time to share with your designer and your photographer the things that make you tick as a couple. The more everyone knows you, the the more everyone will know how to please you! Share who you are with your photographer so we can all focus on images that are going to bring tears to your eyes for years to come!

This is an image taken at a wedding in Seattle of Max and Laura. Max loves cuff links and has a drawer full to prove it! He searches for links for every occasion in his life and his wedding was no different! They do say it all… and they were the perfect choice!


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