You And Me And The Big Oak Tree


Katherine and Cory under the big beautiful Oak Tree at his family’s farm. © juliana patrick photography 503.318.5160


You and me and the big oak tree.

Everyone has to have a special place.  If you don’t, go find one!  Grab the hand of the one you love most and make memories there. And if you do have that special place, we strongly suggest that you  incorporate that special pace into your Engagement Lifestyle Portrait session with us.

Personalize your imagery by sharing who you are with your photographer! Of course this may not be easy for everyone, but selecting a photographer you trust and connect with is imperative! Select a photographer that matches your Adventure-Meter and may even push you a little… in the good way! Sometimes the threshold for incredible, timeless and meaningful imagery lies slightly beyond our comfort zones… Trust your  photographer… love your photographer and collaborate with them!

This image is from Katherine and Cory’s Engagement session at Cory’s family farm, a place very near and dear to their hearts.

Interested in an Engagement Lifestyle Portrait Session?  Give us a call and tell us all about your special places.  Can’t wait to set off on a photo adventure with you!   juliana patrick photography