On Writing Your Own Vows


Some couples are hesitant to steer from tradition and write their own vows– concerned with getting too personal, or too sappy. Many choose to recite the same verses and lines in a timeless and traditional manner, and it’s perfectly beautiful in its own right. But here’s a secret that not everyone will tell you: you can do whatever you want. These are your wedding vows, after all! They can perfectly reflect who you are, who your partner is, and the relationship that you share now, and look to build in the future. Your vows can be humorous or completely serious. They can reflect on the past, look toward the future, or any combination of the two. When you’re standing across from the person you plan to spend your life with, what is it most important that they know? In that intimate moment between you and your partner, you should be making promises that mean something to you, even if it gets your mascara running and nose sniffling. Weddings are personal– your vows can reflect that.

This photo is from Arianne and Dustin’s beautiful wedding at Mt. Hood Bed & Breakfast, where Dustin recited his fantastic, tear-jerking vows in front of their friends and family.  Love.

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