Winter Weddings

Stacey and Shaun steal a moment on their wedding night outside Urban Studio, Portland, OR © juliana patrick photography - all rights reserved

Stacey and Shaun steal a moment on their wedding night outside Urban Studio, Portland, OR
© juliana patrick photography – all rights reserved

Winter Weddings

The summers are a crazy time for weddings. All summer long couples are sharing vows, and starting their lives together… but what about the winter? Is the winter, especially here in Portland a nice time to have your wedding? Well, we have to look at a few personality traits and interests to see if the winter time would fit! If the worst thing you could imagine on your wedding day is rain… then no, the winter is already exposed as a bad choice for your wedding! Maybe you’re the kind of bride and groom that don’t mind the rain! As a matter of fact, maybe you find something special about the rain and feel connected to it in some way… maybe you wouldn’t care if you got a little wet in your dress… and the idea of darting through the city or gliding through the countryside, nuzzling beneath the beautiful filtered light of custom umbrellas with your new second half excites you! Hmmmm, maybe you are a candidate for a winter celebration!

But hey, the winter isn’t all about the rain! Maybe your relationship moved to the next level while exploring the snow covered landscapes of a beautiful mountain range! Maybe your greatest excitement comes from feeling the cold, ice covered seat of the first chair lifting you up to the fresh powder covered steeps that you love to share! First tracks! If this is you, get married in the snow, in the middle of the winter! Anyway, If you live in the Pacific Northwest, the winter time is a better time to fly to Paradise for an anniversary!

Things to think about are the light and your time line! There is not as much light in the winter… this is not news to you! Dark by 4:00 to 4:30pm can seem intimidating, especially when you need to incorporate a timeline and make sure you have all that you deserve from your wedding day! This will be absolutely no problem with proper planning! Getting dark early yields a great opportunity for stunning imagery! Dark is dramatic. Dark is cozy. Dark is an opportunity to place light just where you want it!

Plan for the highest probability weather. Summer weddings have a rainy day plan… even if it says that there is a 0% chance for rain. Winter weddings should approach the day and keep a sunny day plan available…

When planning the best time to share your wedding celebration, search your interests. Spend time with the thought of a winter wedding and see how it makes you feel. Just realize that weather it rains, shines or snows on your day, it will be perfect! The celebration is not about the weather, it is about your love and commitment. If you Laugh and dance in the rain, so will all your guests!

This is a picture of Stacey and Shaun during their winter wedding in the Pearl at Urban Studio! It was about 15 degrees and these two didn’t bat an eye. I on the other hand was sweaty and only in a dress shirt and a tie and had to focus on shooting so i didn’t feel like I was freezing! It was a blast!

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