A Wink and a Smile at the Hotel Monaco

Fun BrideThe thing about being the bride (or groom) on your wedding day is that it’s truly your day. You are the star of the show. Yes, you might be getting funding help from relatives and your priority might be for your guests to really enjoy themselves, but no one gets to be center stage more than you. Sure, this can be a stressful prospect for some – all eyes on you with nowhere to hide – but what if you just decided you were going to live it up for a day? After all, you started your day with pampering, you’re looking out-of-this-world gorgeous, you’re being followed around by a photographer (or two), maybe a video crew as well, and everyone is here to celebrate you and your journey! So live large and enjoy yourselves and make amazing memories together.

Above: Alex and Laura greeting tables during their wedding reception at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, VA. 

Mhari Scott Photography