Why Should You Have a Photobooth at Your Wedding

Porltand Photobooths for Weddings

Wedding Photo Booth Fun with Northwest Photobooths and Turn Loose The Art

Why should you have a photobooth at your Portland wedding? There are many reasons, but we’ll just touch on a few. First, they are just plain fun! Do you want your guests to remember the good times at your wedding? Let them take their photo and be as silly as they want. A photobooth gives your guests the opportunity not only to enjoy themselves having their picture taken, but to also have a souvenir to take with them at the end of the night. Nobody attends a wedding with the hopes of not having any fun…including the bride and groom! While getting through the wedding ceremony can be a little on the stressful side for some, the reception is usually the time to let down your hair and have a blast.  At some point during the night, some of your guests may need a break from dancing and speeches and will be looking for a different pastime to entertain them. Photo booths allow everyone from your adorable three year-old nephew to grandma to get together and join in the fun. Plus there are always guests who avoid the photographer’s camera… but they usually find their way to the photobooth!

If you are looking for a photobooth for your Portland wedding, Turn Loose The Art  now offers this service under Northwest Photobooths – it’s not too late!