The Whole Wedding Story

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer--MPP011215From a photographer’s point of view, every wedding starts as soon as the bride and/or groom start to get ready for the day. Every so often, a couple will decide to have their photographer meet them after they have put on their makeup, done their hair and gotten dressed. But to skip the photo coverage of that first part of the wedding day is like going to a movie late – you miss important information. There are so many wonderful, telling moments as people get ready for their wedding that it’s a shame to miss any of them. People often get ready with their bridesmaids or groomsmen and/or their family members. There is always laughter and touching moments that help tell the story of the close bonds that exist between the bride and her friends and family, and the groom and his friends and family. To tell the whole story of your wedding day, make sure you include time for the photographer to be there from the very start. To see more fun moments before the bride and groom say “I do”, check out