When You Hear His Wedding Vows

At every wedding there’s a moment where it all just comes together. At Kim and Patrick’s wedding, it was as Patrick read his vows to Kim. She looked up at him during their autumn wedding ceremony and just then, the breeze picked up to perfectly frame her expression. Wedding photographers love these moments.

To the planning couples out there, I want to say something. Even if this moment is under a blistering heat, even if this moment isn’t framed perfectly by foliage, this moment matters. I love watching the faces as partners read their vows. The moment has so much presence. The moment is important. In Kim’s case, her pursed mouth also hints at the emotion she’s just barely holding at bay.

Kim and Patrick planned a beautiful, quiet wedding filled with such moments. So it meant the world to me when I received this message from Kim after she saw all of her wedding images: “I originally didn’t want to hire a photographer for the wedding (but was quickly talked out of that idea) because I wanted to stay true to having things more homespun and organic. I just wanted to have maybe a friend or two designated to make sure to take some photos with our “good” camera. I am so so so happy we found you, first for your excellent professional photographs, but also because you made it feel like you were another friend coming out for our wedding. I think i said this before, but I really appreciated the combination of your laid-back style and professionalism.”

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