When Things Don’t Go As Planned…

red barn first danceAshley and Dylan were married on a 100+ degree day in August. The barn space they held their reception in was on the second floor and had no air conditioning. While they brought along a couple of box fans to provide some relief for themselves and their guests, the barn was not prepared for the amount of electricity running on the circuits. Between the twinkle lights, the DJ’s equipment and the two box fans, the circuit overloaded every 30 seconds and the whole top floor lost power. In order to keep their party going, a very, very kind friend manned the electrical panel for the entire night, flipping the circuit breaker every thirty seconds so that the guests upstairs could maintain power.

For those of us who were attending the party upstairs, the lights and music would flick off then back on… off and then back on. I found myself looking through the photos afterwards wondering which ones would have twinkle lights and which ones would be illuminated solely by the battery-operated flashes I brought with me. This lucky moment above was the result of some pretty perfect timing: the groom dipped the bride for a kiss at the end of their first dance, and for that moment, the lights were flipped on just in time to capture the beautiful criss-cross of illumination across the barn ceiling in their photograph.

While the erratic power didn’t precisely go as planned, everyone’s ability to adapt without stress to the constantly changing scenario made it as close to a non-issue as it could possibly have been. On a day when literally anything could go wrong, it is always welcome to have a reminder that, no matter what, at the end of the day you will end up married. Might as well run with it.

Mhari Scott Photography