When the Stars Align


We love capturing true authentic moments for our couples on their wedding day.  And sometimes our clients present us with an idea or piece of inspiration to try to capture, oftentimes presented through sites such as Pinterest.  The best part is when the stars align between a client’s idea and our creative vision.

One of our wedding couples were recently married around the time of the Perseid meteor shower.  The Perseid shower builds gradually to a peak and often produces 50 to 100 meteors per hour as the late night deepens into midnight.  So, our couple really wanted to capture a photo of them with a shooting star in the sky.  Now, we certainly could have waited and waited for just the right moment, but it was their wedding day and I didn’t want to take them away from their reception for too long of a period.

So, with a vision of how this image could be created, I constructed an image of the couple looking up into the sky.  I also shot it in such a way that the background fell to black very quickly to give the mild illusion of the couple standing on top of the world.  Through the creative use of Photoshop, I incorporated a night filled sky of stars and dropped in a shooting star.  The artificial sky that was created contains many more stars than a traditional evening sky.  The intention was to produce an image that had a bit of a dreamy, slightly surreal look.  While this type of image creation is not indicative of our style of wedding photography, it is representative of the collaborative effort we put together with our clients when the stars align.

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