Weddings and Happiness!

weddings and happiness
Weddings are about love. And love is about happiness. One of my favorite things are those moments at weddings where happiness is on visual display, like a glow on a candle flame. Sometimes it’s the look in the eyes of a new bride as she catches her husbands eyes. That fleeting moment where they both realize they have put down a foundation and called it home. Sometimes it’s a look between a mother and daughter or son. Dad’s usually get in on the act as well! But sometimes, there is also a visual expression of joy evident in the guests picking up the vibe. Children are often little wild cards at weddings, particularly when they are in them. But even as guests, they are usually candid expressions of joy and happiness. And, as discussed earlier, love is about happiness. And weddings are about love. And wedding pictures are about capturing that love in visual form. For that moment and for every moment that passes from then on, well, that is why we take wedding pictures. To see more memories captured, check out And be happy!