Wedding Trends of the Future

I was recently transported to the year 2064 to document an epic futuristic themed wedding.  What I experienced were some of the most cutting edge wedding trends yet to come.

One of my favorite wedding trends to emerge in the future, is the art of the double photobomb.  This takes the classic photobomb of today and mixes it with a level of artistry and precision that is unparalleled.  The photobomber waits patiently for the most opportune moment to leap into the air and have their courageous act caught not by one but by two individuals simultaneously.  Succeed, and your likeness forever lives on in duplicity and multiplies forth.  Fail, and the consequences will be far far less reaching.  To act quickly, precisely, and with intention, one has the potential to achieve the ultimate wedding trend of the future…The Double Photobomb!

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