Wedding Tip for the Brides

You’ve planned the wedding, you’re eagerly awaiting your big day, but you still feel like there’s something you’re forgetting…

You can plan and plan till your mind is all jumbled up and you’ll likely still forget to do something. But here’s something you can do now! So many people forget about breaking in their shoes before the wedding! If you’re planning a wedding that will include a lot of walking, this is even more important.

Fawne’s shoes were beautiful but not the most comfortable. She ended up walking through the park barefoot as it was more comfortable. Luckily, her groom was happy to help out when crossing areas that weren’t smooth.

Portland Wedding PhotographersTurn Loose the Art are full of more useful tips to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly. Fawne and Jacob’s wedding was a beautiful intimate wedding in NYC’s Central Park.