Wedding “Thank You” Card Ideas!

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography----MPP062915It’s always good to think ahead. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows how much time it takes to make sure everything goes just like you want it at your wedding. But there is one thing you can do while planning your wedding that will actually help you after your wedding. Take some time to think about doing a picture during your wedding day that you can use for your “thank you” cards. There are all sorts of creative ways to make that happen. For Sarah and Curt it was a matter of making a “thank you” sign and using the beautiful surroundings of their wedding location to create a photo that will go on their card. I’ve had other couples who have written out their message of thanks on the beach and others still who have changed into t-shirts emblazoned with their words of thanks during their reception. But, no matter how you get the message across, putting your creative minds together and planning ahead can make for a fun way to thank your guests for their gifts and their presence at your wedding. I hope that’s good, helpful information. If it is, you can thank me later!! In the meantime, for more inspiring photos, check out