A Moving Wedding Reception!

Music and dance are dynamic art forms. Photography, however, is static. Communicating the ocean of movement the occurs during the dancing part of the reception can be challenging. It’s hard to get the real feel of the fun a couple and their guests are having in a still photo of people dancing. However, because receptions tend to be the longest part of most weddings, they allow for time to play with different technical tricks. In this photo, for example, Alexandra and William – and their guests – are clearly having a blast cutting loose at the Broken Top Club in Bend, Oregon after a beautiful wedding day. The use of a slow shutter with strobes allows the motion and fun to shine through the image. In addition, this technique also brings in the ambient colored lighting created by the company hired by the couple to accent their dance floor. Many times, you will see photographers set up giant strobes on light stands pointed directly at the dance floor. This often creates frozen in time images that blot out the ambient light. While that technique allows the resulting images to be tack sharp and devoid of motion, it also creates a sterile image that lacks the richness created by the ambient colored lighting. I realize a technical discussion will bore many who read it so to put it more clearly, if you want to look at your wedding pictures and get a real feel for the true story of your day, hire a photographer who has the technical expertise and experience to capture those moments. To see more real moments from real wedding stories, check out