Why Wedding Photos Matter

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer-MPP071414BI started my life with a camera as a photojouranlist. My dream from the time I was a kid was to travel the world, camera in hand, working for an international newspaper or magazine. I got a chance to do that for 20 years for The New York Times. It was everything I dreamed and more. I loved and appreciated what I had the good fortune to do to make a living. The reason behind the goal was that I was raised to believe that social justice is important. My parents taught me that in word and deed. The lesson was passed and I chose a path to effect change by using pictures in a newspaper to show those who were interested where there we people in need. It was the goal that fed the dream. I look at wedding photography through a similar lens. The goal is to capture the memories of someones dream day – to tell the story of a milestone moment in the lives of two people. And, while the obvious reason is for the couple to have a visual record of how that day looked and felt, there are others. One that I’m reminded of whenever I see older photos honoring parents or grandparents at weddings is the visual family legacy that’s being created. Children, grandchildren and beyond will look at those moments and cherish them. Not because they are nice pictures, although that helps. But rather they are a valued collection of pictures because they inform and lend clues to the viewer about who their mother, father, great-grandmother or great grandfather was on their wedding day oh so long ago! To be given the responsibility and trust to be the one to capture those once in a lifetime moments is an honor I take seriously. There are only three things left at the end of every wedding: the rings, the love between the couple, and the photographs. And only the photographs are left to tell the story for generations to come. To see more story for the ages, check out