Wedding Photos of Guests

wedding reception photos

Being present at so many weddings over the years, particularly as a “fly on the wall” kind of person means I overhear things. And the two most common things I hear are guests saying they still don’t have their wedding album (that’s a whole different post!) and that they never saw the photos from the past 10 weddings they’ve attended. How sad is that?! You invest a large sum of money to document your wedding day and then forget that you haven’t fully enjoyed your wedding photography until you’ve shared it with those you love. While a larger percentage of our time is focused on the bride and groom and immediate families, you’ll end with a large number of photos of those people you care enough about to invite to one of the largest celebrations you’ll ever plan.

Share them. Send them the online gallery so they can also see the wedding photos of guests, family, you. Let them see the joy on their own faces as they witness you start a new chapter. Make sure they see the special dress they purchased for your wedding really did look spectacular. Ensure they take the time to see the photo of them dancing even though they are so definitely NOT a dancer. Oh, and share your blog feature of your wedding for the best of the best!