Wedding Photos as Art

wedding photos as art at Hall Wines wedding
Jerry quietly told us they weren’t outwardly affectionate people. And that posing for portraits was not a big part of the wedding day, not for them. We’d already spent the majority of the day, skimming the corners and moving around in the background. Their wedding was already untraditional and they chose to spend the morning wine tasting with their friends and family. And here we were at Hall Wines, a winery that resulted from the marriage of two, one a lover of architecture and the other one just wanting to make wine the rest of her life. It was easy to make untraditional portraits of Jacob and Jerry here, in a place bursting with visual stimuli in any direction. And it was easy to let them be a part of the artful surroundings and simply make portraits that didn’t push them in a direction they didn’t want to go. It was easy to let our client lead the way. Somehow along the way we still created art for them, art for their future walls. To see the rest of their destination wedding weekend photos, click on over to our blog. We promise to lead you along the way of wineries, food and art.