Wedding Photojournalism

dominae-margelle-wedding-alanweinerphotography-com-mpp Wedding photojournalism are two words you hear a lot in the world of wedding photography. Over the years, those two words have evolved to mean many different things. But essentially, wedding photojournalism is the telling of the story of a wedding in pictures. In practical terms that means the photographer creates a set of photos that, when viewed together, communicate the emotions and feel of the day. When you get done looking at a set of wedding images shot by a photojournalist, you can hear the laughter, share the tears and understand how the day went. When done well, you can almost taste the cake and hear the music during the first dance. It is the difference between capturing those reals moments when a bride and groom look at one another and you can see the love instead of the photographer creating a picture where they are telling the bride and groom to look like they are in love. That doesn’t mean that a wedding shot by a photojournalist can’t have glamourous portraits or beautiful photos. They can and should. But if, at the end of the day, all you have are a set of photos that were posed or contrived, you are left with an empty space where real joy was on full display. To see more real joy on display, check out