Wedding Photography With a Center

The bride

Planning your wedding day can be overwhelming.  It may be one event in your life that adds a thousand things to your “To Do” list for an entire 6 – 12 months.  You must remember to stay centered through it all. From the moment everything inside of you explodes in a single “Yes” after the proposal until you spend hours preparing to walk down the aisle, be centered.

I have often heard couples on the road to getting married talk in a way that reveals how easy it is to lose focus of the purpose behind all their running around, expenses, and planning.  I’m not saying that couples forget the simple fact of their upcoming wedding day.  And, they don’t necessarily forget that they love each other.  What they seem to forget is that the decision to get married came from a desire to celebrate a moment in their lives with friends and family.  All of the planning process is an endurance test – a marathon – that culminates in an expression of who they are.

Through it all, your wedding photographer should be centered too.  Artistic wedding photography comes from a place of passion and a belief that the images captured will resonate in your life for many years to come.

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