Wedding and Engagement Photos

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography -MPP092214Erin and Steven were married on August 9, 2014. Last fall, we spent an hour or so together at a local park, shooting their engagement photos. There are so many good reasons to hire your wedding photographer to also shoot an engagement portrait well before the wedding. The first, and best, reason is that you get a chance to get to know one another and create a relationship that will help make you more comfortable with the way the photographer approaches his or her work. You gain a trust. And, as with anyone you spend at least an hour with, you get to know more about them. This often helps the photographer on the day of the wedding because he or she can pick up who is important to you and what you like and don’t like. Your photographer also gets a chance to learn more about your vision for your wedding. And, of course, once you get your photos, you get to see how good your photographer is and if they meet the deadlines they promise. In short, only good things can come from an engagement session that will help create better photos on your wedding day. To see more wedding and engagement photos, check out