Wedding Day Props

Best Props for Wedding PortraitsHeather and Brian knew that rain was forecasted for their wedding day. They also knew the location that they wanted to hold their wedding portraits, and that, on a gray, rainy day, the scene wouldn’t have the same impact that it would on a day when the beautiful mountains in the background were in view. So, in order to give their wedding portraits a little less gray and a little more “pop,” they decided to bring along a few props. Not only did this bright pink balloon bring cheer and visual impact to the resulting photos, but it brought so much entertainment and excitement to our portrait sessions as the wind whipped it around while we tried making it behave. Because of their prop, Heather and Brian were also able to feel more free in the moment: less focused on the self-consciousness of being in front of the camera.

Can you add a prop to your wedding day to bring out the fun? Long flowy veils are great for this, of course, but if that’s not practical for you, so are umbrellas and parasols, top-hats, shawls, fans… anything that you can *do* something with will help to break the portrait session ice. We love brainstorming these ideas with our wedding couples, and we’re always happy to hear from you. Clicking on the link below will bring your directly to our wedding photography page.

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