Wedding Day Portraits


We all know couples who met in college and then married later in life.  Many of us even know of high school sweethearts.  Ever met a couple who knew each other since kindergarten?  It’s a pretty incredible thought, right?  Well, that is the story for Marianne & Nick.  They were in the same kindergarten class at All Saints.  They lived their lives, followed their own paths, and then one day, their paths crossed.  The rest is history.

Knowing the couple’s history with All Saints and that Marianne teaches there, I wanted to include various elements of the church in the couple’s portraits.  Along the back side of the church is a brick wall corridor area that is perfect for portraits.  With his suit jacket unbuttoned and hands in his pockets, Nick casually leaned against the wall.  Marianne gently wrapped her hands around his arm in a way that elegantly shows her new wedding band.  It’s a portrait that speaks to the couple’s personalities, their loving admiration of each other, and the celebration that they are indeed finally married!

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