The Wedding Day Plan


Jamie and I spoke a few weeks prior to her wedding day to finalize the wedding day plan.  Among the items we discussed, Jamie mentioned where she wanted to have the first look.  The conversation went something like this:

The Wedding Day Plan

Jamie: We absolutely love the hotel where we are getting married.  On the top floor is a lookout area.  It is the tallest point in all of Anacortes and has a really great view overlooking the city.  We really want to have our first moment there.

Me:  Sounds great.  Let’s plan on it.

What actually occurred

On the wedding day, I got Josh set in place (enjoying a nice view of the city).  I then went downstairs to bring Jamie up.  Admittedly, it was a rather steep set of stairs.  The room was also significantly warmer than any of us had anticipated.  Jamie skillfully made her way up the stairs and at the very very top got caught up in her dress just a bit.  She gracefully recovered from her slight stumble causing all of us to laugh at the humor of the moment.

When planning your wedding, have a plan.  But make sure to enjoy all the moments that don’t go as planned.

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