Wedding Budget Wisdom


Here’s the deal.

I wanted to share some wedding budget wisdom with those of you who are crunching numbers and trying to figure out how much to spend where.  There are so many vendors and services to consider and the expenses add up very quickly.  So, when presented with an “incredibly great offer,” be cautious of what you are actually getting.

When it comes to wedding photography, I advise couples that the less you spend, the greater the risk you take in the quality of work that you will receive.  Now that doesn’t mean you need to go out and hire the most expensive photographer, but it does mean to be skeptical of the lesser expensive photographers especially those who offer services for under $1,000.

Now for those who have a tight budget for wedding services, make sure to prioritize what is most important to you, and try to allocate the greatest amount of funds to those 2-3 specific areas of the day.  Rather than find the least expensive vendor, try to find the most qualified and trustworthy vendor who may be flexible in the level of service they provide.

Think of this…  Would you rather have 10 hours of wedding photography with 2 photographers and be completely dissatisfied with the quality of the work, or would you rather have a more seasoned professional beautifully capturing your day for just 3 hours?  Think about the results and which photos you rather look back on to remember your day.

This couple here made that very decision.  They held a very simple wedding celebration at their family church and held the reception outdoors at a local park.  Wedding photography was very important to them.  So, they advised me of their budget and accepted a shorter duration of coverage time to make sure their wedding ceremony and formal portraits were properly captured.  This image here was captured in a very small grassy area overlooking the parking lot at the church.  To the unaided eye, most people wouldn’t even think to capture portraits here.  But to the more skilled eye, greater possibilities present themselves even under more challenging shooting conditions.

If you are trying to be wise in how you are budgeting for your wedding celebration, contact us and we would be happy to discuss options like these and many others.  There are so many things to consider and sometimes it’s just really nice to be equipped with the right questions to ask.  We’re happy to do that for you.

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