We Need to Talk About the Peep in the Room

wedding with karaoke at northwest children

So, we need to talk about the Peep in the room. And that is, we can finally say we’ve seen it all. Last weekend we photographed a lovely wedding for John and Paul and before I spend the next half hour waxing poetic about it, I’ll say hop on over to our blog for the rest of their sneak peek. The very short summary is that John works for Northwest Children’s Theater, and that is where they started their wedding. After a show in which John and Paul opened with a dance act, they left the stage open for karoake. (Yes! Karaoke at a wedding!)

And now comes the Peep. Their friend Kevin covered “I’m a Creep” for the guestlist and as you might imagine… he changed the lyrics. “I’m a Peep” was an incredible hit. I actually wiped tears of laughter from my eyes as I photographed. Paul’s mother was nearly rolling, laughing so hard. All visits to the snacks and drink station in the back ceased immediately. Kevin’s lament about only being available at Easter was so perfect, so well done. And we can now, we’ve seen it all.

It’ll take a lot to top this! Or to put it another way, I overheard the mother of one of John’s students say this, “My poor kid. Boy is she in for a disappointment in the future! Now she thinks all karaoke will be great like this!”