Vintage Weddings

 The term “vintage” in regards to weddings would be a term and approach many would argue is overdone, contrived and cliche.  Now I would agree that this can be the case and there are many that have jumped onto the band wagon of making this the new hipster style, but I don’t think it has to be that way.  Vintage means different things to different people.  The term gets used quite loosely to encapsulate anything from a bygone era; but it can be from long time ago or as new as the 1980s for example.  This being the case when someone says they are going to have a vintage wedding, they may mean 1920’s or maybe they mean the 1940’s or sometimes it is a marriage of days gone by spanning several time periods.  I think unless you want to stay true to a particular time period, this can work, like it does in fashion.  Blending things together in a complimentary sense to create a new take on something old.  I think the big mistake that occurs is going vintage because it is the cool thing to do.  I think like any other wedding style you need to express yourself in a genuine manner.  Decide on elements and designs because they mean something to you, move you, or maybe you just purley like the aesthetic.  I have to admit I am a sucker for a lot of the vintage elements, when done right; but then I have to admit I like a good antique store and watching “American Pickers”.  There is just something about the past that evokes childhood memories, memories of grandparents, memories of integrity in craftsmanship, that can be quite engaging and magical.

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