Vintage Processing


Couples oftentimes ask if their wedding photographer uses Photoshop to enhance their images.  It is a great question because nearly every photographer uses this program to varying degrees.

Truth be told, our signature look and style is derived from using very simple Photoshop methods.  Our primary goal is to make the work look as natural and true to the moment as possible.  In fact, if you look through our work on our website at Paul Rich Studio or even look through our wedding and portrait blog, you will notice that there does not appear to be much Photoshop use.  This is very intentional as 99% of the time, we want our work to accurately depict what we are photographing.

However, there are times when heavier uses of Photoshop can be used to create a unique style or look to a photograph.  Jamie & Josh were recently married in downtown Anacortes, WA, a town that is steeped in history.  We wanted to play off of the historical aspect of the town by applying some vintage processing to this specific image.  While the vehicles and other elements of the photograph make it clear that the image was captured during modern day, the post-processing of the image references back to earlier generations.  We sparingly use these techniques but for this particular image, we felt as though it really fit the look and feel of the image.

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