Unscripted at The Nines


The Nines Hotel was the elegant backdrop to a well planned and beautifully executed wedding for Tiffany and Jon. These two poured their hearts into the planning and they hired good people to make sure it worked.

Many couples put a great deal of worry and angst into putting a wedding together… there are lots of “rules”, it seems. One of those is that so much of your photography needs to be staged so that it’s just right. Hah! I say. Sure, pose the family groups and take some special time with the romantic portraits but beyond that, wouldn’t you like to live your wedding day? To be in it together?


A good photographer will be able to bring home all of the unscripted pieces… the real life fun, the flurry of emotions and all of the little bits that you may remember only after seeing the photographs. It’s the one drawback of being the center of attention… you really do miss parts of the day. If you are fully engaged in your wedding, the pictures will bring it all home for you.


It’s been a gas getting to know these two… they tease the best out of each other and that was on display at the reception. They have Corgis I haven’t met yet but I do feel like a part of the family already. ;0)



Kudos to the Nines Hotel for the high level of service and none of this would have worked without Molli at Soiree… she is one of Portland’s finest event planners!
Francoise Weeks was the floral designer… her style is legendary.

If you are getting married soon, make your plans and be sure to include some room for unscripted fun… it will make all the difference.
Jamie Bosworth Photographer