The Unknown Wedding Moment

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer  MPP11314bwThere are many known, predictable moments that occur at most weddings. The bride walks down the aisle with her dad, the first kiss, the first dance, the cake cutting and all of the other “traditions” that make a wedding a wedding. And all of those rituals and known moments are a big part of what makeup the final collection of photos from every wedding. But it’s those unknown moments, the unexpected things that happen, that fill in the details of the day and make any collection of wedding photos complete. Before the ceremony, one of the young relatives Erin and Sean’s had participate in their wedding, was busy checking her cell phone. She chose to do it on a bench that happened to be under portraits of the past presidents at the Multnomah Athletic Club As a result, this slice of time tells us a lot about the location and what folks were doing shortly before the ceremony. And, while the big moments are important, it’s these little ones that complete the story of the day. To see more unexpected moments from weddings, check out