Unique Wedding Details

bourbon-wiskey-wedding-davidbarssphotographerWhile it may be hard to come up with entirely unique wedding details and favors there are certainly some you don’t see very often. This couple had personalized stir sticks for their guests cocktails and I thought it was a very cool touch. I don’t see this done too often but with the renaissance of bourbon and cocktails in general I think it is a great idea. The other photo with the groom was taken at The Arlington Club and the backdrop is one side of matching cases showcasing old and rare bourbon and scotch and is very fascinating. I must admit I am a bourbon and cocktail fan myself and if you want to check out a couple of places for bourbon go visit The Multnomah Whiskey Library, The Pope House, The Rookery at Raven and Rose, or Kask at Gruner is supposed to be good as well.