The Un-Portrait

bride portrait at kunde winery hill house

She planned a wedding only with his help, because they were in this together. There was some nervous laughter before this photo. It was still before the wedding ceremony, there was so much to do yet. But off in the distance is the hill – the hill where she’d finally get to marry him. And I fiddled a bit with my camera to make it seem like a break in between bridesmaid photos and parent photos. Fiddled just enough.

Kim let her shoulders dip – just a touch. And her arms smoothed, tension receding not in waves but in little jolts of breath. And there it was, a perfect pre-ceremony portrait that shows the exact feeling she had minutes before she and her dad drove up that hill and into a wedding ceremony under the lilting branches of a crowning tree. It’s an Un-Portrait of a Bride.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer that waits for the perfect moment to create meaningful photographs, look no further than Turn Loose the Art. To see Kim and Aaron’s entire wedding day, we’d love to share their complete story at Kunde Family Winery via their slideshow.