Twilight Wedding Portraits

twilight wedding photos
We are of the firm belief you don’t plan a full wedding day to stand still, posing for portraits endlessly while your guests get to enjoy the tray-passed bites. We think you should enjoy your wedding day. Relish it. Every part of it that you planned! Aaaaaannnndddd we also really like wedding portraits. So, how to get the best of both worlds? It’s simple really, plan tiny pockets of time for portraits. 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there. Never an hour straight as you’ll get too tired to fully enjoy everything.

One of our favorite times to sneak in a few minutes of wedding photos is after the sun has set as the sky deepens in a cerulean blue. Blue hour or blue sky, some might call it a time for twilight wedding portraits. It’s a time that lasts for five minutes on some days and a bit longer on others. It’s perfect for playing with warm and cool color temperatures if your photographer has off camera lighting capabilities. And we do! We love to play during this time period! Warm skin and coolly darkened surroundings make for a beautiful drama. And if the rest of your wedding portraits were earlier in the day, it will add to your overall variety as well!