True Oregon Duck Fans

Are you an Oregon Duck fan?  Do you watch their games on tv?  Own a bunch of Duck gear?

Well then, you’re not an Oregon Duck fan.  Look at these guys.  These are true Oregon Duck fans.

They have not missed a home game in over 8 years!  And when I say they have not missed a home game in 8+ years, I mean they were there in person watching the game.  Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal?  How about this?  From about 2010-2013, they traveled not only to every home game, but to every away game too!

They follow all the recruits from high school, keep track of stats, and even have an annual Duck Kick Off Party before every season begins.  They also have a tradition of meeting at a bar called The Cooler in Eugene before every home game about 6 hours prior to kick off to talk about the game, have some Bloody Marys, and eat breakfast.  It’s the tailgate party before fans even tailgate!

Knowing that Danny and most of his groomsmen carry this tradition of following the Ducks, I had the perfect idea for a group photo.

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