To Infinity and Beyond


If you have ever found yourself between two mirrors that face each other, you are familiar with the unique effect it creates.  The reflected image repeats itself endlessly allowing you to peer into infinity and beyond.

Mistyrose was busy getting ready for her wedding at Veelle’s Idyllic Park where the getting ready area has a couple of mirrors placed in such a way as to create this unique visual trick.  I used it as an opportunity to capture a fun portrait of the bride.  The best part of being a wedding photographer is expecting the unexpected, remaining visually aware, and looking for those unique opportunities that present themselves throughout the day.  I have photographed hundreds and hundreds of weddings over the years and every single one of them is unique.  Every wedding presents an opportunity to capture something truly unique and different.

We love providing our couples with a beautiful blend of black-and-white and color images that tell the story of the wedding day.  To see more of our work, please check out Paul Rich Studio.