‘Tis the Season for Engagements!

Engagement Sessions

It is mid-December and officially engagement season! When you and your significant other decide you’re going to tie the knot, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer about engagement sessions! Contrary to what many people think, engagement sessions aren’t for people who feel the best in front of the camera, but rather, they’re for the rest of us who need some time to warm up and get comfortable in front of the lens. Engagement sessions give you and your partner a solid chunk of time (usually 1.5-2 hours) to learn what it’s like to be in front of the camera, to start to claim that space as your own, and to alleviate camera anxiety on the day of the wedding. It also leaves you with some really lovely portraits of you and your honey to hang around the house. (Tip: many photographers allow outfit changes during portrait sessions so your portraits give the impression of being taken on different days. Don’t be afraid to ask if this interests you!).

Contrary to what many people think, the late fall, winter and early spring months in the Pacific Northwest can be gorgeous for portraits. Because the sun sits crosses at such a low angle in the sky, even midday sunshiny portraits can turn out soft and beautiful. I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of the beautiful light during these months. Your photographer will thank you for it.

For some engagement session eye-candy and ideas for your own engagement session, hop on over to our e-sessions page. In the meantime, have a festive holiday season!

Mhari Scott | Weddings for the Creative Soul