Through A Glass Darkly

A vision of the wedding day preparation through a glass bottle


As a bride or groom on the wedding day, there is such a strong desire to experience every moment to it’s fullest.  But in reality, there are many moments that grow hazy as time passes on, whether that be days or hours.  Sometimes the photographs become a way to simply remember a moment, but often they also bring additional insight into your experience.  It is almost as if the initial experience was perceived through a glass darkly and the photo brings a new clarity.

This photo was taken during the wedding day preparation as the make up artist skillfully applied eye shadow on the bride.  The blurred edges and color fields were created by taking the photograph through a glass bottle that happened to be in the hotel room that morning.

We want to creatively document your wedding day so that you can re-experience such a significant day in your life.  Hopefully, the images will bring new depth to your memories!  Set up a consultation to let us know about your wedding celebration.