Engraving Your Wedding Ring

 Have you thought about engraving your wedding rings?  While it’s not necessity, it’s a lovely tradition that many couples choose to follow.    I have to admit, I always take a peek to see if the ring is engraved, and I love the variety of messages I’ve seen over the years.  Most popular?   In my experience, it’s been the wedding date, the couple’s first names, or a classic phrase from a wedding ceremony like “to have and to hold” or “to, love and honor.”   Some fun ones?  “As You Wish” (Princess Bride,)   and “It Takes Real Love to be Silly” (Rose Franken)

Katy chose the simple words “I Choose You” to engrave in Corey’s ring.  It was the perfect sentiment for their intimate elopement.

If you want to engrave your loved one’s ring with a special message but are experience “engraver’s block” here are some ideas:

Your favorite nick names.

A line from your favorite movie.

A lyric from your first dance.

A meaningful verse from your faith.

A classic line from literature.

A private joke.

A line from your wedding vows (if you wrote them yourself.)

A simple word:  Love.  Forever.  Always.  Promise.

Your names with an infinity symbol.


Whatever you choose,  take your ring to a reputable jeweler to do the job, as they will treat your rings with the care they deserve.


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