There’s No Place Like Home

Back yard weddings get dismissed as not special enough… a lot of people think it means that you decided not to put forth the effort. Well, I have to disagree with that. I have had the pleasure of attending some of the most beautiful weddings in my career in stunning back yards. From large estates to tiny gardens, the effort involved to make a space lush and lovely usually out guns any hotel or regular venue that I have encountered. True, it requires a lot of advance planning… some yards are ready and some are not. New plantings, happy grass, careful consideration of table layout and dance floor placement… all of that comes into play. It is more work but the end result is much more personal. Always.

It helps to have a planner for these… Angela Orr was the woman who stepped in to pull this one together… she was great to work with… calm and collected and always where she was needed.

This lovely setting is in Estacada and if you look East, Mt. Hood is right there… the edge of the property goes down to the Clackamas River. It was quiet and clear that summer day and the grass was cool underfoot… pretty much a perfect day for a wedding!

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Jamie Bosworth Photographer