And Then, The Wedding Day Will End

The bride and groom run through an arch of sparklers at the end of their wedding day

As hard as it can be to imagine, your wedding day will inevitably come to a close.  Countless hours of planning have gone into throwing one of the biggest parties of your life… And then it will unfortunately have to end at some point.  Some couples will choose to exit to fanfare, others will slip out quietly after hugging their closest loved ones, and I have even seen a few couples stay around to help clean up.

No matter what choice you make when it comes to putting the final punctuation on your wedding day, you should embrace the celebration for everything that it represents for you.  The wedding day itself will end, but the meaning that inspired you to go to such great lengths should remain simmering below the surface for the rest of your life.

We find that excellent photography and cinematography can be incredible reminders of the past.  At Atelier Pictures, we want to create artwork that resonates with poetic beauty for the rest of your life.