The Wedding Day: What’s Your Favorite Part?

Couples often ask me what I think about taking “getting ready” photos: Do I think it’s worth it, and would they recommend allotting a respectable amount of coverage time for this part of the day? With nearly all other “what do you think” scenarios, I outline the pros and cons for the couple and help to guide them to what their gut says, however this one question is always answered with a resounding “YES.” In fact, what I tell them – every time – is that the preparation photos are my very favorite part of the wedding day.

In these moments leading up to the ceremony and celebration, when the bride and groom are putting on the final touches for this, one of the most widely shared cultural rituals we have… the anticipation is so thick, the excitement so high, that these memories so often become more tangible than any others. This combination of eagerness and apprehension is so enjoyable, so universally relished and so incredibly potent, most of us find that just viewing the photos from these moments brings back a cascade of the same sensations for years to come.

The remainder of the day often whizzes by so quickly that, when looking at photos of their wedding afterwards, couples often think “oh yes, I remember that!” or “wow, I nearly forgot that happened!” The preparation photos, however, hit them with all the excitement and wonder and hope that they felt as the day began. And those are so often the emotions that fuel our lives… they’re worth having memories of.

So stretch out your preparation. Revel in it. Relish those last few hours of anticipation of the day to come, and invite your photographer to bear witness so you can enjoy those moments forever.

Mhari Scott | Portland Wedding Photographer