The Waterfall Proposal


A surprise proposal at the bottom of a waterfall?  Yes please!

Stephanie asked me to meet her at the bottom of Siouxon Falls where she planned to surprise her long-time boyfriend by proposing in front of their family and his two little girls.  Neither of us had been to the waterfall before, so the complex logistics and extensive nervousness were definitely rewarded when it worked perfectly.

Everyone gathered at the base of the waterfall, laughing and chatting.  She asked me, a random stranger to everyone else, to take a photo of her, her boyfriend and the kids.  I quickly grabbed my camera as she got the little girls in place and turned to Duffy.  The girls pulled out their homemade “Will you marry me?” sign, and held it up, giggling and wiggling and grinning like mad.  Stephanie asked Duffy to marry her, presenting a beautiful pair of vintage cuff links in lieu of a ring.  He said an enthusiastic yes, and there was a cheer.

The plot was then revealed, including me as the “random stranger photographer”.

Duffy had a rueful grin on his face as he explained to me that Stephanie had beat him to the proposal, as he’d been having trouble locating the perfect ring they’d discussed.  It was fantastic.

You should read the full story here.

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