The Story Is In The Details

Wedding Rings sparkle set upon the bride

Wedding Rings sparkle set upon the bride’s shoes – © juliana patrick photography – 503.318.5160

The Story is in the Details!

We love details!

Complete wedding day photography coverage is not just groups of people standing in front of a camera and smiling! It is a archival timeline of the day. It is documentation of all aspects of the day that certainly includes the tiny details that showcase your individual personality and style.   Many think of wedding day photography and imagine capturing intimate moments as one shares excitement and nervousness with family and friends, or the precise moment a father first lays eyes on his baby girl that has become a beautiful bride…but there is more to every story than even that!  In order to tell a balanced story, one has to look from all angles… see the big things and realize the supportive importance of the little things. A photographer must see the couple and their relationship, their love of families and friends, venue and decor and they must be sensitive to the small mementos that a couple chooses to support their love of each other! This image was taken at Adam & Nicole’s wedding at The Great Hall in Sunriver, Oregon… the rings sit within the frame of beautifully matching texture provided by the bridal shoes!

You can trust the details of your day to us!  Give us a call, we’d love to talk with you! Juliana Patrick Photography