The Origin of the Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Deyla Huss Photography

Portland Wedding Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

Have you ever wondered the origin of the wedding bouquet? well I did a little research on the subject a while back as I was curious how this all started.   They didn’t start looking like the gorgeous bouquets you see now such as this classic wedding bouquet designed by Forté Floral . Nope! in some cultures, there were some really different traditions behind the wedding bouquet such as women use to carry herbs and bunches of garlic to ward off evil spirits, another custom was to carry a lot of greens such as thistle, ivy, etc symbolizing fertility and hope.  Flowers had different meanings to determine secret messengers for their soon to be spouses.

The wedding bouquet today to me seems to be full of everything, and whether it means something special to you or simply because it looks gorgeous, its still a custom that keeps on going, a custom that is beautiful.


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