The First Look

first-meeting-wedding-bride-groom-davidbarss-photographer“The First Look”, or the first moment a bride and groom see each other on the wedding day is pretty powerful. Almost seems odd when they may have seen each other the night before and have been together for perhaps years. However they have not seen each other dressed in the attire and on the day that they promise before all their friends and family their love and commitment. I think perhaps with out even fully anticipating the intensity the moment unveils it.
A lot of couples choose to meet prior to the ceremony in a fairly private moment away from most prying eyes. This is not only a very nice and intimate moment, but can ease some of the tension leading up to the ceremony. During this time most couples want this time captured, but with telephoto lenses and a respectful distance they can feel at ease. The other very important benefit to couples seeing each other before the ceremony is the ability to capture their portraits, the bridal party and family all before guest arrive. Then once the ceremony is concluded everyone gets to walk right into the cocktail hour or reception and begin the celebration without pausing for photos.
However some couples still wish to see each other at the moment of the ceremony and with good timing and a professional photographers help and guidance there are a few different ways to make this timing work as well.

Have a great day and if it doesn’t start that way, try and make it end that way-Cheers!

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