The Bridal Posse

The conversation went something like this…


Initial Wedding Consultation:

{Me}: So how many wedding party members on your side?

{Jessica}: 13

{Me}: Oh this is going to be SO cool!


Wedding Day:

I already had it in my mind that I wanted to do something different to capture Jessica and all her bridesmaids.  I thought of multiple variations.  I could try this idea or that idea or something like this or better yet something like that.  Of the few variations that we created, this image spoke to me the most.

I really like it for its unconventional composition.  It is rare to see the primary focus of an image occurring along the bottom quarter of the frame.  And yet the other three quarters are interesting in their own way too.  The height of the trees is really emphasized giving the viewer a sense of place.

I wanted to present this image as an example of the way in which I push myself to see a common scene differently.  Look at all the other photographs I have captured of a bride with her bridesmaids and none of them will look like this.

Doing things differently.

Paul Rich Studio