The Bridal Details

Bridal Details Deyla Huss Wedding photography

Capturing the beautiful bridal details while getting ready is something I make sure I do and in a stylistic way to make it even more interesting and beautiful. Advice for the brides is to have each important detail all ready for the photographer to grab and photograph so they are not bothering you to help them find these details throughout the bridal suite. Details such as bouquet (if its at the bridal suite yet), any jewelry you will be wearing or giving as a gift to your bridesmaids or soon-to-be spouse, any bridesmaids gifts, rings, shoes, something blue, something borrowed, letters to one another, invitation, handkerchief, etc..

You work hard throughout the planning of your wedding and probably thought out every single detail you have throughout your special day, so I believe it to be very important to capture those details. The groom’s details are also great to capture, so making sure his details are in a place to be easily found would be fabulous as well.

The beautiful bride in the above photo had these gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana shoes that she really loves and these were captured both on and off of the brides foot 🙂

Happy Friday!
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