The Best Theater Wedding

theater wedding photos
I’ve spent years saying I didn’t want to wait till my sister got married to see a clown at a wedding. Well, as of writing this post she’s getting married in a week or so and I’m fairly sure there won’t be a clown present at her wedding. Luckily, John and Paul filled that tick off the list for me. John works at Northwest Children’s Theater and his work friends joined in and supported him and Paul in creating an epic welcome evening to their Portland wedding weekend. They sang karoake, danced, enjoyed a few performances by their very talented friends… and John dressed up as a clown pantomime and created a love story act.

The best part? It’s all authentic. John does this on a regular basis; in fact, his special request was that I photograph him getting into character. Their friends were overjoyed to participate in a celebration of their marriage. The old-fashioned snacks at the back of the theater were a hit. It was all themand everybody loved it.