Thanking Your Guests


At some point during the wedding day, you will go around and thank your guests for attending your wedding.  Whether it is during a receiving line immediately following the wedding ceremony or at another point during the day like cocktail hour or after dinner, the two of you will want to do the rounds and have a chance to chat with everyone.  It is a great time to mingle, catch up, and share stories.

When we photograph weddings, we use this time to loosely follow the couple and capture candids of them interacting with their guests.  Sometimes it is a warm embrace.  Other times it is a group of women who gather around to take a closer look at the bride’s beautiful wedding ring.  It might even be a bunch of high-fives, fist bumps, or crazy handshakes.  Whatever it is, it is worth having documented and that is why we are constantly aware of the bride and groom’s whereabouts throughout the entire wedding day.

We always tell our couples to enjoy the time they get to spend with their guests and to know that we will be following them around so that we are available at a moment’s notice.  Want a specific picture with a guest or group of guests?  Simply look up and we will be right there to capture it.  This way it does not interfere with the flow of your day while still enabling us to capture all the photos you wish to have from your wedding day.  Whether your guest list is 10, 100, or 350, we make a concerted effort to make sure everyone is documented at some point during the day.

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